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Freckles Psychedelic Twist **CLASSIC** Acrylic Tornado Exclusive - Retro 51

Price: $65.00
Out of Stock
Manufacturer: Retro 51

:  Please e-mail the store.

Freckles exclusive by Retro 51!  Introducing PSYCHEDELIC TWIST - CLASSIC

A groovy CLASSIC acrylic body, with strips of a playful mix of shimmery white, pink, turquoise, purple and lime green colors.
A smooth and glossy feel, with shiny silver trim, a turquoise disk, and each pen is numbered.
Pen clip placements are random, so you won't know where it is aligned on the pen until you open the package!

The pens have the same basic design, however due to the varying nature of acrylics,
the flow of the acrylic design will be unique to each pen.
No two pens will be exactly the same, and there is no guarantee of how much of each color will be visible on each pen.

This is a limited edition of 528 pens.

Note: Numbers will be random only.

Pens are prepacked to help us ship them out quickly.

Free shipping via USPS First Class Mail within the U.S.A.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thank you for your business!!